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I do not like you.
I do not like you at all.
I don’t like you even a little.
I don’t like you if my life depended on it…
You’re right I don’t like you.
I love you.
I love you loads.
I love you a lot.
I love you so much I’d die if someone told me not to love you.
I have a guy who hurt me so but now I don’t care cause he stove.
An inanimate object no feeling at all because he fell for 7 girls with no feeling at all.
Candy is sweet, just like Easter peeps.
but you’re not sweet like anything or even an Easter Peep you’re not covered in sugar and squishy and good.
You’re a dumb boy who thinks he’s too good but in all opinion you should really try go read a book boy. Cause sooner or later your brain will turn to mush but I don’t care you’ll live with your mom in her basement for the remainder of your life in despare with you’re candy in a small bowl while you sit on tumblr and troll.
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